Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Power Girl: Superhero Female Muscle

Female Muscle

All my life I've been a fan of comic books and there's no question that I enjoy finding superhero female muscle while thumbing through racks at the local shop. But unfortunately many of the ladies in the funny book world are overshadowed by males. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy every superhero as much as any another fan, but I figure it's time to give the ladies a shout out.

Above is Power Girl, she first appeared in the 1958 Superman #125; In a story in which Lois Lane dreams up having super powers and thus becoming Power Girl. It wasn't until much later, 1988 to be exact, that Power Girl started to make a name for herself in the funny book world, and no the writers did not develop Lois Lane into the character; probably for the best. Power Girls's name is actually Kara.

Digging deeper into Power Girls past we find that she's cousins with Superman and also from Krypton. Both of their ships left Krypton around the same time before it's destruction and oddly hers arrived much later. Superman landed on earth as an infant and Power Girl landed on earth in her twenties.

She's an interesting character with a great look. More or less, she'll kick your ass.

The above drawing was illustrated by the talented !

Female Bodybuilder Wallpaper Gallery

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