Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Female Muscle Growth Stories

Female Muscle Growth Stories Autumn Raby

Above is an image of the beautiful female bodybuilder Autumn Raby and the image is from Muscle Elegance.

Female Muscle Growth Stories have slowly become more popular over the years since their birth in the 1980's. What makes such a story? The back story of the main character is often times predictable, it's usually a woman whose been abused and/or appears weak to everyone around her and wishes to have the strength to emerge from the turmoil overwhelming her life. To draw in the readers it becomes the authors initiative to develop some kind of event that will trigger the womans sudden muscle growth. This is usually described in great detail because it's the main focus of the story. After this big event the previously frail women transforms into a massive, muscular female whose goal is to destroy all that has wronged her with brute strength.

This is just a general idea of what some of the stories use as a starting point. Many of them can be quite interesting. It's definitely something you have to enjoy to get into.

These stories are also a fetish for many who worship female bodybuilders and female muscle. Their imaginations can take over and cross the boundaries that reality prevents.

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