Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Iron Maidens: The Celebration Of The Most Awesome Female Muscle In The World

Female Muscle Bodybuilding

I'll be honest, I'm not an avid reader and often find little time to stick my nose in a book I'm interested in; but when I do find a good read and a nice chunk of the day to fill my head with new literature, I'm game. I have a limited amount of interests and anything Female Muscle related will immediately catch my attention because I'm a fan and loyal supporter of Female Bodybuilding. So when I came across a book directly related to the topic I decided to check it out.

written by: Kristin Kaye gives a great perspective on the sport from a women's study major who was thrust into an unknown environment and hired as a playwright and director for a stage production featuring muscular women.

The book is very well written, funny and entertaining. Kristin will take you on a journey through her experiences with female bodybuilding, whether it be the stage show or interviewing the women involved in the sport. You'll enjoy this, check it out !

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